A room with a view!

A room with a view!

I’ve just finished researching a short break to Iceland for one of my clients, who wanted viewing The Northern Lights as the focus of the trip.

It’s been a while since I was last over in Reykjavik, so I’ve enjoyed looking into all of the new hotels that have opened up in the city centre. I looked first at what used to be called The Loftleidir, but since I last stayed there, has since been refurbished and is now known as the Hotel Reykjavik Natura. Along with this change there are many new 4 star hotels in the city centre such as the wonderful Hotel Borg.

Anyway, as well as my client focusing their trip on The Northern Lights (I’ve just found out that between now and the end of March is supposedly the best viewing time in 50 years!!) they were also looking to enjoy some of the other excursions on offer, and make it a real ‘action packed’ short break.

So I looked to include some outdoor swimming in the Blue Lagoon, which is brilliant fun and is something no visitor to Reykjavik should miss, glacier and geyser tours on super jeeps and snowmobiles, a spot of ice fishing and we even managed to schedule some whale watching!

All in all, they’ll have quite a memorable break to look forward to, and indeed to look back on.

Image Credit: Deivis

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