Qatar Airways – launch date 28th of May from Edinburgh

This afternoon I had a very productive meeting with Jenna from Qatar Airways who was able to advise me on the latest developments with the launch of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner from Edinburgh Airport on the 28th of May.

This new service will initially fly out 5 days a week but so encouraging have the sales been, that it may be a daily service within a very short space of time. I will keep you posted !

This links over 100 worldwide destinations from Edinburgh via their hub in Doha and the launch of the new Hamad Airport in late May makes all connections seamless.Word is that the new airport may open on the 27th of May, a day before the inaugural flight touches down.

They have the quickest flight to Perth now which takes 20 hours and is proving to be one of the most heavily booked routes to and from Edinburgh,along with Melbourne and several cities in the Far East.

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