Curtain Bluff – Antigua

A place like Curtain Bluff doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, careful growth and, most of all, personal devotion and it’s uniqueness sets it apart from other hotels on Antigua. The hotel has 70% repeat client business.
In the late 50s, Howard Hulford began looking for a perfect piece of land in the Caribbean on which to build a quiet sanctuary for his family and friends. He finally found it here on the south coast of Antigua and, in 1962, opened a 22-room resort, naming it after the bluff (rocky promontory) that separates its two beaches. Since then Curtain Bluff has grown, constantly improving, adding rooms and facilities to become the world-class resort it is today. 
But the resort has never lost its original intimacy and charm. Howard lived here until his death in 2009, and his wife Chelle still lives in Bluff House, greeting guests like old friends and hosting the resort’s weekly cocktail party at her home. The other 211 members of staff, mostly from the village of Old Road just outside the resort’s gates, are an extended family and this is very evident when staying here.
The hotel has expanded over the years adding on suites and converting rooms to a total of 70 adding on a fantastic spa and improving the sports facilities which it is famous for.


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