Life On Board The Orient Express

Life on board the Orient Express.
There are 3 different cabin types on board:
Single cabin – one lower berth
Double cabin – upper and lower berths
Cabin suite – two inter-connecting double cabins

On our journey from Venice to London there were only 76 passengers on board and we were extremely lucky to be upgraded to a cabin suite. Thank you Santino and the train manager.

All cabins have their own wash basin cabinets. A toilet is located at the end of each carriage.

There are no shower or bath facilities on board.
There is also a beautiful luxury travel collection of 9 items created by Temple Spa exclusively for Venice Simplon Orient Express in your cabin.




The Travel Architect- The Venice Simplon Orient Express

We left by water taxi from our hotel to Santa Lucia train station for our departure on the Venice Simplon-Orient Express from Venice to London.
This has been a long time dream of mine !
Check in completed, we awaited the arrival of the train for our departure at 10.57.
On board our cabin steward Santino explained to us what was going to happen with regards meals etc and left us to chill out and relax in our cabin – F5.


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