The Service

What we do is save you time and effort. And this is how our service works.

Firstly, an initial consultation lets us build a profile of you and your travel requirements, preferences and budget. After all, our service is bespoke, so we need to know what suits you. Then, while you get on with your busy life, The Travel Architect will create a unique set of holiday blueprints using meticulous research and expert ‘insider’ knowledge.

These carefully tailored plans contain as much or as little information as you need. They could include suggestions of where to go and how best to get there. Or maybe you’ve chosen your destination already and just need to know the best places to stay and things to see. You might even just want to benefit from our preferential rates. It’s entirely up to you.

So, you’ve read your blueprints and made your choices… what next? It’s back to us again. We’ll do all the necessary booking, arranging and ordering. And, if you want, we can take care of other time-consuming travel necessities like finding insurance, sorting out car hire or getting advice on inoculations.

Or, you might decide to take your blueprints and do the rest yourself. Once again, it’s your choice. The great thing about The Travel Architect is that it’s a flexible service so you can use it how you want to. All we ask is that you enjoy your trip.